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Job Boards stink for Getting a New Job. Here are 5 Reasons to avoid them.

1. JJob boards can get up to 250 applicants per job postingob Boards will not let you standout like Acne on Prom Night.

Job openings often attract up to 250 applicants. According to Glassdoor, less than 10 applicants get 1 interview.

In effect, job boards function as a lottery for job seekers.

For the most part, only lottery ticket sellers profit from lotteries.

Likewise, job boards and job posters benefit the most.

People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything Thomas Sowell2. Recruiters use Job Boards like throwing Darts

Job postings come with all the problems that plague all white collar environments.

Like Meetings, they substitute for real work.

Like make work, recruiter use job board applicants to meet activity goals.

In summary, postings by recruiter have the quality of the recruiter which varies wildly. Job hunters cannot focus on the best opportunities because the best cannot be determined on job postings.

3. Postings on Job Board sometimes require Cover Letters

Cover letter requests are cancer of the employment industry.

They serve no useful purpose.

Interviews and resumes do what cover letters do.

Hiring people often ignore them.

They take time and energy better spent elsewhere.

You can and should learn why here.

4. Job Boards have less than 60% of Open Positions

Many job openings never leave internal company job boards. However, hiring people often consider external applicants.

You can get access to these low competition positions.

Keep reading to see how.

5. Alternatives to Job Boards work as good as Weed at Birthday Parties

Directly emailing hiring people is one of the best ways to get a job.

Many people looking for help need someone to proactively reach out to them. Hiring a recruiter or even posting on a job board sometimes requires more time than hiring people have. If you contact these people, then you can be the only person considered for the job.

Watch the video below to learn how.


Relocation Assistance should be expected from all Companies. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Relocation Assistance protects against the 1 out of 25 people who are


Relocation Assistance is a defense against psychopaths in the workplace.

Relocation assistance is a defense against the uncertainty of relocation to take a new job.

One risk about taking a job out of town is Psychopaths. These people cannot view things from the perspective of others. A psych

opath has no problem firing someone on the first day on the job.

They won’t care about the frustration you feel by moving in shivering, freezing cold or sweaty, high heat.

They won’t care about apartment and utility deposits or Uhaul

However, if you get relocation assistance before getting unjustly fired by a psychopath, then the relocation assistance works as psychopath insurance.

2. Not offering Relocation Assistance is a Slap-in-the-Face

Giving relocation assistance is the right thing to do.

If an employer expects you to pay your way to a job, then they view you like a horse getting whipped in the Kentucky Derby.

Many recruiters expect job seekers to ask for relocation assistance. For this reason and others, recruiter make job hunting like chewing aluminum.

3. Offering Relocation Assistance is a Great way to Start a Relationship.

Relocation assistance costs well run companies very little.

Refusing to help a new team member move is selfish. Because of this, they show a lack of empathy and self-awareness.

More importantly, they show that they do not value new hires who relocate.

4. $158,000 is stolen from You, your Children, and Spouse by employers who does not give Relocation Assistance

Employers that refuse location assistance rob job seekers and their children and spouse of cash they deserve.


$158,000 is a nice house for a family of 5 in much of America.

A good amount of relocation assistance is $3,000. Getting a 12% return on investment is not too hard. The stock market can get that.

$3,000 growing at 12% a year becomes more than $158,000 after 35 years

As a result of not helping new hires move, employers deny new hires the power of compound interest on the money they spend on relocating.

Additionally, writing cover letters will cost you big money. Click here to learn why.

5. Expecting Relocation Assistance says you Value Yourself

Lastly, relocation assistance shows interviewers you don’t feel desperate. Furthermore, nothing turns off hiring people more than desperation.

Also, you need to feel confident about taking a new job in another city. The confidence comes easier when cash is not a risk by taking a job out of town.

In conclusion, relocation assistance helps your career.

You can reach out directly hiring people with email. Click the video to learn more.

Cover Letters Should Never be Giving to a Resume. Here are 5 Reasons

1. Writing Cover Letters is slightly more fun than chewing Glass and Swallowing the Blood, Flesh, and Shards

It takes time and a lot of effort to get a job. There is so much hiring done without a cover letter that your time and motivation should be spent on openings that don’t require a cover letter.

2. Writing Cover Letters slows down the process

Getting a job takes a long time. It’s comes down to a number game. Getting a job is about getting as many no’s as it takes to get a yes. Cover letters are a speed bump that put more distance between you and your dream job.

Thomas Jefferson quote: "There is a way to do it better...find it." Cover letters are not a good way to get a job.

3. Hiring People don’t need Cover Letters

Resumes show what you have done. Interviews help hiring people determine if you are a good fit. Cover letters can do both, but nothing more.

Therefore, hiring people that expect a cover letter are not thinking about the hiring process and they are not respecting the people in the talent pool they are drawing from.

4. Cover Letters only have one Purpose

Cover letters reduce the number of applicants. Basically, hiring people are reducing their workload by putting more work onto job applicants.

You might be thinking. – “Since cover letters reduce the number applicants, I should apply to jobs openings that require them to have less competition.”

There is a better way.

5. Networking is how most Job Opening are Filled

Job boards do not fill most job openings. Therefore, networking should be where you spend most of your time and energy. One of the best ways to do this is to email hiring people directly. As a result, time and effort do not need to be spent on recruiters and job boards.

More importantly, networking directly with hiring people can result in you being the only candidate considered for your dream job.

Click the Video to Learn More about Emailing Hiring People.