Cover Letters Should Never be Giving to a Resume. Here are 5 Reasons

1. Writing Cover Letters is slightly more fun than chewing Glass and Swallowing the Blood, Flesh, and Shards

It takes time and a lot of effort to get a job. There is so much hiring done without a cover letter that your time and motivation should be spent on openings that don’t require a cover letter.

2. Writing Cover Letters slows down the process

Getting a job takes a long time. It’s comes down to a number game. Getting a job is about getting as many no’s as it takes to get a yes. Cover letters are a speed bump that put more distance between you and your dream job.

Thomas Jefferson quote: "There is a way to do it better...find it." Cover letters are not a good way to get a job.

3. Hiring People don’t need Cover Letters

Resumes show what you have done. Interviews help hiring people determine if you are a good fit. Cover letters can do both, but nothing more.

Therefore, hiring people that expect a cover letter are not thinking about the hiring process and they are not respecting the people in the talent pool they are drawing from.

4. Cover Letters only have one Purpose

Cover letters reduce the number of applicants. Basically, hiring people are reducing their workload by putting more work onto job applicants.

You might be thinking. – “Since cover letters reduce the number applicants, I should apply to jobs openings that require them to have less competition.”

There is a better way.

5. Networking is how most Job Opening are Filled

Job boards do not fill most job openings. Therefore, networking should be where you spend most of your time and energy. One of the best ways to do this is to email hiring people directly. As a result, time and effort do not need to be spent on recruiters and job boards.

More importantly, networking directly with hiring people can result in you being the only candidate considered for your dream job.

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Andrew - Rezzue

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